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Music for change

Sustainability in research and education

About the Project

Music4Change prioritizes sustainability in music research and education through innovations in teaching and learning.  Through a transnational European alliance of universities and NGOs, the project will energize the field of doctoral studies by increasing interdisciplinarity, digital competency, and cooperation between universities and the music sector.

The project will implement a new Curriculum for Change for PhD education offering open access digital resources and blended learning focusing on sustainability in and through music research.

Cross sector knowledge exchange will be fostered through innovations in Living Lab Workshop methodology.  The Bridge Mentorship Scheme will be piloted to provide tailored support for diverse learner profiles and post study career paths.

Through increasing knowledge of the role of arts in achieving sustainable development goals music4change aims to foster socially responsible research that brings the power and possibilities of the arts to key public issues.

Sustainable Innovation
Reducing Inequalities
Sustainable Cities

Our Goals

  • Strengthen the field of music research through a Europe wide cooperation on Ph.D education.
  • Stimulate interdisciplinary teaching through digital and blended learning.
  • Engage doctoral researchers with key societal questions.
  • Bridge the knowledge exchange gap between education, research and the music/arts sector.
  • Energise Ph.D education through new forms of mentorship learning to support personal and professional development.



More information coming soon.

Digital Teaching and Learning

International Research School & Mentorship Hub 2023

19 - 23 June 2023

Living Lab Workshop Norway

June 13th and June 22nd

Mentorship Hub


International Research School 2024

Living Lab Workshop Austria

April 22nd-25th, 2024

Living Lab Workshop Greece

Launch September 2024

International Research School 2025

Launch June 2024


Making sustainability accessible in theory and practice

Living Labs

Coming soon

Living Library

Coming soon

Living Networks

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