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The Bridge Mentorship Programme


As a part of the ERASMUS+ project Music4Change, an innovative mentoring programme – The Bridge Mentorship Programme, will be implemented from January 2024 to December 2024 by The University of Bergen (Norway) – the lead of the M4C project, and seven other partners – Creative Mentorship (Serbia), The University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), University of Groningen (Netherlands), the private Gustav Mahler University of Music (Austria), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) and the European Music Council of Bonn (Germany).

The concept and structure of this tailor-made mentorship programme is based on the Creative Mentorship methodology and will be delivered by the Creative Mentorship team in cooperation with other M4C project partners.

The Bridge Mentorship Programme is intended for current PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, or recently finished PhD students in the music field, with the aim to provide support through participants’ transition from the academic to the labor market environment.

It will be piloted online in order to provide tailored support for diverse learner profiles and post-study career paths.

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How do I apply?

This opportunity is extended to all current PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, or recently finished PhD students in the music field from partner institutions of the Music4Change project, but also from all other different academic music institutions around the globe who want to develop themselves professionally and personally through the support of an experienced mentor, a dedicated Creative Mentorship team and peer-learning from other mentees and mentors from this year-long mentorship programme. There is no age limit.


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What is Creative Mentorship?

Creative Mentorship is an independent, non-profit, and non-governmental civil society organization which for the past 11 years, runs and develops mentoring and capacity-building programmes for professionals in the field of arts, culture, creative industries and media in Serbia and abroad. The Creative Mentorship programme provides space for reflection and self-improvement, one-year mentoring support, relevant trainings and connection with other engaged and active participants.

For more than a decade, Creative Mentorship has been building, gathering, and supporting a community of motivated and socially responsible individuals that contributes to the development of society based on creativity, culture, knowledge, and mutual cooperation.

Timeline for Selection

October 17

Online via Zoom

Info and Q&A session about the Bridge Mentorship programme with all potential mentees.

October 27 @ 23:59 CET

Online form

Deadline for applications

November 10

via Email

Notification of final selection results

Second half November 2023

Online via Zoom

Goal Setting Workshop

Mentorship Programme 2024

January 1 – December 31

The Bridge Mentorship Programme runs